Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA), representing Indian expatriates primarily from Bengal, is essentially a platform for upholding and nurturing the rich Bengali tradition, custom, and culture amongst its members and families as well as to spread the same in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment in Indonesia. Started 34 years ago by a few enthusiastic families, the organization today, is a vibrant one with an active calendar of events ranging from social, religious, and cultural ones to charitable and sporting events.

The rich heritage of Bengal encompasses a wide canvas all the way back from Neel Darpan, the first modern Indian drama written in the backdrop of Indigo cultivation oppression by British Raj, to the quintessential great Rabindranath Tagore and the ubiquitous Amitava Ghosh, from great stalwarts like Bimal Roy and Satyajit Ray in movies, from Ustad Alauddin Khan to the current rage Arijit Singh in music and last but not the least from vegetarian dishes like Banana Blossom Curry to lip-smacking Hilsa Custard.

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From President's Desk

Hello Members,

Warm welcome to JABA s annual editorial initiative- Spandan 2021. My association with JABA as a member runs for a few decades now – having been the Durga Puja purohit for quite a few times. But leading from the front as a President is a whole new experience. A complete transformation from the bonhomie of an ever cordial community as a member to taking the responsibility to lead a team of a JABA. A sincere and heart felt thanks to every single member of JABA for having faith in me and bestowing upon me this honour. After becoming the President I realized , that the task of leading the team was really easy because I was supported by an extremely capable and committed executive committee and the beautiful family of all JABA members. I am so fortunate in having such an amazing executive committee where everyone is a leader, highly dedicated to their community and immensely capable of doing their duties. After the difficult 2020, we thought we will attempt to have a fresher Durga Puja of 2021. 

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: Promoting the integration of Indian society, culture and values in Indonesia, and strengthening cooperation and friendship between Indonesia and India.

Mission: Raising, investing and leveraging millions of funds annually in philanthropic contributions to create and support cultural programs and events to generate a sustained community impact.

JABA’s vision, mission, and values are embedded within every aspect of the JABA. Everything the JABA does is driven by promoting Indian culture and community and bringing a change in creating an inclusive society, however small or large those changes might be. JABA Jakarta works passionately, constantly, challenging themselves and others, and are always led by their shared set of values.

The JABA believes that everyone has the capacity to change and they resolve to never give up, to keep offering opportunities for people to change their lives.



Durga Puja



Food Mela
14th May 2022

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