Our Vision & Mission

Vision:Promoting the integration of Indian society, culture and values in Indonesia, and strengthening cooperation and friendship between Indonesia and India.

Mission:Raising, investing and leveraging millions of funds annually in philanthropic contributions to create and support cultural programs and events to generate a sustained community impact.JABA’s vision, mission, and values are embedded within every aspect of the JABA. Everything the JABA does is driven by promoting Indian culture and community and bringing a change in creating an inclusive society, however small or large those changes might be. JABA Jakarta works passionately, constantly, challenging themselves and others, and are always led by their shared set of values.The JABA believes that everyone has the capacity to change and they resolve to never give up, to keep offering opportunities for people to change their lives.



Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA), representing Indian expatriates primarily from Bengal, is essentially a platform for upholding and nurturing the rich Bengali tradition,

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  • Embassy Of India, Jakarta